Wise Wild Woman,
Discover your pricelessnness in relationships! 
(Stand in your value by ditching your perfectionism) 

Are you ready to have more love and connection?

YES! I am ready to do deep inquiry !
Grateful For Having Faced My Dragon and Attracted Major Media Outlets

Video series for women 

Discover your pricelessness in relationships!
 With Olivia Kissper, MSc.

Meet your UNBREAKABLE heart

This process of discovery is called deep inquiry. 
It is a transpersonal journey into You and it requires you to answer some deep questions.
What you find can be surprising but most of all - it's liberating!

What if you Discovered:
  • ​That the Best version of you that you strive for keeps you lacking and insecure?
  • ​That what you want can’t make you happy?
  • ​ That it’s impossible to compare yourself to others? (So you don’t ever have to)
  • ​ That increasing your self-esteem is problematic and leads to unhappiness and dissatisfaction
  • ​ That nobody can hurt you no matter what they say?
Meet your guide, Olivia Kissper, MSc
For a decade I've worked with women like you to help them transform perfectionism, guilt, anxiety, and self-doubt into reclaiming unbound energy, joy, and trusting love. I guide them by extracting information and truth buried inside them. In this process, they experience immediate relief from anxiety, perfectionism, judgments, blame, broken hearts or guilt. 

My background is in Transpersonal Psychology and Consciousness Studies and my mentoring combines psychology, spirituality, and deep inquiry. I work mostly with spiritual and self-improvment junkies who had been on the self-development journey for some time and still can't find a resting place. 

I'm also a certified mindfulness and meditation teacher, empowering workshop facilitator and a nearly author of How to Achieve Nothing.
Are you a relationship perfectionist?
This course is especially for you if you:
  • Often find yourself in relationships with emotionally unavailable men
  • ​Never feel at peace, can’t relax and enjoy ordinary day (feel like wasting of time)
  • ​Often escape to fantasizing, addictions or compulsive eating
  • ​Feel high anxiety and stress and too many things to do
  • ​Your relationships are really hard work or a complete lack
  • ​Are preoccupied with others (Ignore own needs, personal neglect and exhaustion or physical illness)
  • ​Are critical of self and others
  • ​Often Think in 'shoulds'
  • Compare often and make many wrong assumptions
  • ​Have persistent negative thinking
  • ​Feel unworthy and unlovable
  • ​Are from dysfunctional family (might create a dream to have a perfect, happy family to compensate)
  • ​Difficulty setting realistic goals and steps
  • Don’t ask for help that leads to isolation and unhappiness
5 Reasons you will love 
Break The Perfectionist Spell

1. Stop self sabotage and self betrayal

Stop pleasing your partners and losing your authentic yes and no. Discover that there is nothing wrong with you when you're standing in your value as a woman.

2. Carve Your Own Path
Start relating to men from a place of being 'invaluable'. The end of trying to be the best, always giving, and taking care of their emotions. Feel the relief when you discover that you can't earn his love no matter what you do.

3. Develop An Instinct For The Right Choices
Know yourself, say goodbye to hesitation and second-guessing yourself. You will go BEYOND trying to raise your self esteem, self-love or self-confidence. It will relieve a lot of pressure and you’ll find yourself naturally magnetizing healthy relationships.

4. You’ll Become Present & Grounded
Free yourself from the spells of the past and the worries of the future, as you show up as the true version of you in the only time that truly matters: the present. Stop being terrified by criticism and blame and remain grounded and present even in difficult conversations.

5. You’ll Stop Overthinking & Hurting
How would you relate to men if they never hurt you before? How much more energy would you have without the painful thoughts about the past?

What Makes Breaking The Perfectionist Spell Unique?
It is a deep dive into your mind and the thought patterns and models of reality that shape your life. We’ll work with your own mental movies and fantasies and make simple perception shifts that will free you from the spells.

It’s a liberating, mind-expanding experience that only takes about 30 minutes of your day for one week. And perhaps for the first time ever, it will open your eyes and guide you towards what you’re really capable of.
The course is Designed For Deep Rapid Transformation In 7 Days. The sessions are not mere lectures. They are designed to have your own ‘aha’ moments through deep inquiry. They include actual 10 minute spell breaking meditation sessions in 5 modules. 

You will gain access to a private FB group only for graduates. Connect with other soul sisters,  get support and move beyond perfectionism together.
Course Modules
(Nothing can change if you are in the altered state of perfection)
Day 1- Introduction: What are the spells that bind you? Discover what is in the way of your true self and how we’re going to overwrite old, ill-serving paradigm that exists in the deeper layers of your mind with new empowering models that fully align with your true desires.


Day 2 - SPELL #1.Not knowing who you are: Counterintuitively, striving to be the best version of you, what is the best for you, is a trap that will always leave you unsatisfied, lacking and insecure. Discover who you really are so you can always come back to your true self.

Day 3 - SPELL #2. Not knowing what you want: Come to realization of what true abundance is and start making choices from the space of ‘completion’.

Day 4 - SPELL #3. Not knowing your fear: Discover the Fear of the unknown fallacy that propels mediocrity and feeling of being 'stuck', while avoiding the unknown due to a fear of failure or change. 

Day 5 - SPELL #4. Not knowing your value: Discover how the belief of ‘not being good enough’ is affecting all your choices, and move beyond the elusive strive for self-esteem that keeps you, in fact, lacking. 

Day 6 - SPELL #5. Not knowing how not to take criticism personally:  Perfectionists have extreme sensitivity to criticism. Learn about what curing schizophrenia can tell you about seeing beyond your own illusions, and never fear or avoid a difficult conversation or judgments from others. 

Day 7 - Moving beyond perfectionism: Learn the most powerful question that will transform your perception of any situation and relieve hurt and blame. With clear mind, you’ll be able to make the right choices. 

Here's What You Get...
(Not only do you get training videos you also get spell breaking meditation videos!)
  • Clarity in Where You Get Stuck​- Discover the root of your self sabotage and know exactly what your next steps are
  • Certainty in Your Direction - Break the spells that misguide your choices
  • Transform Your Relationships - Move towards deeper connection and presence
  • 7 Video Modules - All designed to give you insights into your subconscious mind and extract truth buried deep inside of you. 
  • 5 Spell Breaking Meditations​- structured to break the spells through your own insight
  • An unconditional 60-day money-back guarantee - so you can be sure this course is the perfect fit for you with no risk on your part.


Connect with me personally!

As a graduate of the course, you will access my personal email and I will answer your questions you may have around love, relationships or the course material.
Don't have any questions? Just say hi or send me feedback. I will get back to you within 24 hours.

What Are Other Women Saying?

I am in awe...
As a veteran of the personal growth, transformation and self-help industry, both as a consumer and a provider of books, courses, and experiences…. I am in awe!!!  Olivia Kissper has managed to distill down my lifetime of seeking, learning, and transforming Into a few succinct videos and guided meditations. I am now even more motivated to live my days with a simple, yet powerful, eyes-open practice that is guaranteed to strengthen my presence and my receptivity to divine guidance.This practice immediately clears the static of “the mind chatter”, which gets in the way of hearing the messages from the Universe. If you are determined to be self-realized in this lifetime, give yourself the gift of this brief course to awaken from the spells of culture...then join our online practice group to sustain your awakening.” 

Naomi Colb  
Facilitator of Transformation and Lifestyle Coach 
It's powerful...
Olivia, I love the way you talk and touch the right points to make me think and wonder.. It's powerful! I am also grateful for the meditations in the end. I got inspired and I am totally recommending it!

Piret FireFairy Meinberg

The most powerful thing I’ve watched in long time...
Perfectionism has always been my thing but after watching the course, I experienced a shift with how I viewed not just myself but my job and relationship with anyone! Thank you so much Olivia for your brilliant insights and guidance, I’ve never read about this before and it was the most powerful thing I’ve watched in long time!  The spell breaking meditations relieved me of the  pressure to be perfect in my relationship, I feel much lighter and I am glad I enrolled for this course.

Vicki Smith


This online course is a perfect tool to discover the "movies", thoughts, fears and take away their power...
It touched my heart to hear and listen to you in the videos -  I love it how you bring clarity and unfold this illusions our mind is tricking us into. I think the length of the videos are also great - not too long, but with a lot of Information and the meditation to really dive into the different spells. I love your meditation voice and the soft loving caring way you speak them.  So for me personally it all goes back to the story of not being good enough and these movies in my head where i see everything like that... So this online course is a perfect tool to discover the "movies", thoughts, fears and take away their power!! 

Anja Eder
Social worker
I started to listen to the guidance inside of me...
After a series of unfortunate events in my life, stretching my 4 year period of university to 6 and then dropping out I was deep in the phase of depression.  I was enrolled by my friends into Break the Perfectionist Spell and It’s the first time ever I started to listen to the guidance inside of me, and noticing the movies in my head. I have released a big chunk of guilt around betraying myself for others to be loved and I am ready to live more in harmony with who I am, not who I am supposed to be.

Anna Papadupolos

For anyone to go deeper with manifesting their destiny..

This is an incredible course for anyone looking for a way to go deeper with manifesting their destiny, by first getting clear on what they are looking for and who they really are and then using those tools to move forward. Olivia is very easy to understand and her meditations are easy to follow and work really well. The videos are really well produced and it's easy to follow. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to take manifestation to the next level.

Anna Von

Travel Mama Anna Von on Youtube
This course is a healing journey...

Olivia's course "Breaking The Perfectionist" is very powerful. This course is a tool for you to break through the challenges that your mind brings you, so you can break through and let your unique self shine. Perfection is a result of this course as there is nothing more that you need, and all depends on how you feel. She makes sure in her content that you leave totally feeling complete, perfect as you are already. This course is a healing journey where you can experience your Perfect Self.

Raquel Escobar Rios
Multidimensional being 

This is a real explanation with no lies or fancy selection of words, from a human to another human

Since infancy I had been struggling with a situation of abandonment by my mother and my father, with years other conflicts appeared with my image (obesity), my self esteem (I entered music college at age 12), stress, anxiety and anger. I had been since I was 15 years old going on and off with doctors and trying to fight depression, since some years I was functional: lost weight (25 kg), was with a good partner (now husband), had a daughter, had a job... I was with all going on for me and yet I found myself making some old mistakes. I decided to go to therapy last year and of course it helped but then one day I just found Olivia, right there on YouTube the first magical thing she did for me with a confidence video I won an important audition for a job, and now when she posted this [Break the Perfectionist Spell] I didn’t think twice and I swear I felt she was with me in the room, everything she explained made so much sense is like the holes I couldn’t fill for years where finally linked to the whole deal of my life. This is a real explanation with no lies or fancy selection of words, from a human to another human. Thank you so much Olivia for the light and peace on my heart right now. 

Rocio Quamar 
Grateful For Having Faced My Dragon and Attracted Major Media Outlets
Your Journey Only Begins Here!
I'm certain you are going to love this so I am offering a 60 day Money Back Guarantee! 
If, for any reason you don't enjoy the course, just email me and I will send you every penny back straight away!
Not 30 days, but a FULL 60 days!
Grateful For Having Faced My Dragon and Attracted Major Media Outlets
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